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This information is available only to customers who purchased my European Cut.

Since I am still working on my next books and it is taking me longer than I anticipated, I decided to release partial material from Making Pants Patterns book,  for free,  until my books are finished. 

This three-part set of instructions, with very simple drawings, includes the following information: 

·     Adding Ease for Pants.   These notes describe various types of ease, degrees of fit, and basic styles of pants. Choose between one of the six basic categories of pants before you start the conversion of your pants sloper into a sewing pattern. The last page of the notes includes Ease Chart for Pants. This separate chart shows total ease allowances for various types of fit. 

·    Quick Notes. Making Tapered-Leg Pants.   These instructions include an example that shows the conversion steps for basic semi-fitted pants with straight waistband and center back zipper. As a bonus, I added instructions on how to make a waistband with center front button and mock fly zipper.

·     From Trousers to Slacks.   These instructions explain how to adjust your European Cut pants sloper (a trousers sloper) into a slacks sloper by shortening the length of the back crotch curve. With this simple adjustment you can make a pair of pants that fit either like trousers or like slacks. (Jeans sloper is not included yet.)


Both inches and centimeters are used in the instructions. 

The three PDF files have a total of 25 pages and altogether are about 4 MB. 

I keep a complete list of my customers.   If you purchased European Cut and would like to receive my PDF, send an e-mail to: 



Please include your name and address.


Elizabeth Allemong

January 2007



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